Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guess what --- I'm now sailing on the Liberty

Hey everybody,

I just got a new update on my vacation. Apparently, Carnival switched ships, and I am now sailing on the Liberty. While during my initial research, I pulled up some disheartening information on the ship. First, there seems to have been a large norovirus outbreak in 2006. Nearly 700 people fell ill. As someone who makes a living in the restaurant industry, I understand the severity of this, but also realize that most outbreaks are circumstantial and quickly remedied. Secondly, some schmuck named Scott Durbin jumped overboard in 2007. He was rescued minutes later by the coast guard.

Okay, that's the bad stuff. Here's the good stuff. 'Carnival Liberty -- the line's fourth Conquest-class vessel, and the first to sail a full season in Europe -- won't surprise folks familiar with the Conquest-style layout, public spaces and cabin amenities. As with its siblings, the ship features a plethora of themed bars and lounges, four restaurants, two main pool areas, a spa and fitness facility, a sprawling casino, and Harry's, a reservations-only supper club. Carnival Liberty boasts a high ratio of private balconies, a library, an ornate three-deck theater and a series of shops, and offers teens their own nightclub (which is uniquely located along the promenade with the rest of the "adult" fare). It's pretty safe stuff.' ---

What really excites me about this ship is the Seaside Theatre which sets adjacent from the main pool on the Panorama deck. You also have the Czar Palace Casino.

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