Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sorry Indiana...I'm so ready to go cruising.

I'll give Indiana a little one thing, it does a pretty good job at Fall. The summer can be incredibly hot and muggy. Unlike coastal areas, Indiana lacks the gentle ocean breeze needed to make the season enjoyable. Spring in Indiana is about as enjoyable as a colostomy . Winter sucks. First, we get some snow. Nice fluffy, pretty, snow. Then, before its completely enjoyed, we get the ice. The storms roll in. After the ice, an Indiana winter finishes with some nice cold weather. I'm not talking wrapping up in your nice new scarf weather, I'm talking about the horrible, snot freezing while it drips out your nose cold. Horrible.(yeah, that's my PT Cruiser. Covered. Blah)

But anyways, back to the point, Indiana does a pretty good job during Fall. Typically, the trees change. The weather gets slightly colder, but not winter freeze territory. I like fall. Not this year though, this year, I'm dreaming about 90 degree weather, white sand, pina coladas. Now that's how I want to spend the season.

It never hurts to dream.

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Lauren said...

Thanks for coming by today. Yeah Indiana is a little messed up. Afterall HOW do you have 105% of your residents registered to vote...JUST SAYIN' Snow is not my friend btw.